New At The Shop!

2008 Toyota Prius
83,000 miles

2010 Toyota Prius
115,000 miles



New At The Shop!

Finally they are starting the wiring on our solar project!!!!

New At The Shop!

Just cruising along on the “Black” project as well as finishing up another police vehicle that had a minor fender bender….

New at the Shop

Solar Project Update

Almost done installing the panels and then it just has to be wired! A nice clean and renewable energy source!! Now, if we could only figure out a way to get the plastic bottles that motor oil, trans fluid, and antifreeze come in recycled (none of the garbage companies around here will take them, or if they do, they toss them as well).


New at the Shop

916 Resurrection Project

1971 Porsche 914-6

Only some minor clean up left and then we are done with it! Would have been great to get new bumpers, lights, and rims, but it just isn’t in the budget yet.


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New At The Shop

We have been using Waterborne paint for years in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Now we are putting up a 40kw Solar system which should more than offset the power we have been using from fossil fuels!!

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New At The Shop!

Sometimes cycle times just are not meant to be…. We have a great customer that has a 2015 Subaru that he hit a deer with. 6 weeks later and we are STILL waiting for parts from the factory!!!

What’s New At The Shop

The Black Project – Let’s see what we can do with a 2006 SL 65 AMG twin turbo charged v-12, a body kit, and an owner that likes to have fun!

New At The Shop

2004 Subaru Legacy for sale
105,000 miles and has a new timing belt and waterpump

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New At The Shop!

Finishing up yet another Toyota Prius…..